eye on Pinellas County: Mel, Betty, Herman, John, Eagle Point Christian Academy and name changing

Friday, February 11, 2005

Mel, Betty, Herman, John, Eagle Point Christian Academy and name changing

In 1992 Straight of Orlando closed. That very day Straight Orlando's executive director Michael Scaletti took over Straight's clients in a new program but in the very same facility that he called SAFE, Inc. When Virginia authorities yanked Straight's license in northern Virginia for abusing kids there Straight hopped the border and reopened in Southern Maryland. Cincinnati officials closed Straight in 1986 but today a second-generation Straight continues to operate out of the old Straight faciltiy in Milford, Ohio. In 1989 state health authorities closed Reverend Doctor Miller Newton's Kids of Southern California for abusing kids. The day Kids closed Straight took over the clients under the name Straight of Southern California. Within a year authorities had run Straight out of the state. In 1988 prosecutors in Bergen County New Jersey raided Newton's Kids of Bergen County and removed a bunch of kids. Whereupon Miller Newton changed the name of his program to Kids of North Jersey and moved to neighboring Hudson County. When he suffered $11 million in civil suits for abusing kids there, Miller Newton changed his name to Father Doctor Cassian Newton and retired to his Madeira Beach, Florida seaside home, but bought some adjoining properties and turned them into a chapel.

Just so Mel and Betty know they're not the only ones doing it, in 1988 Mississippi welfare officials raided Herman Fountain's Bethel Home for Children and removed 72 "abused and neglected children." Two years later a judge shut the place down. Later Herman reopened under the name Bethel Academy for Boys. But Bethel was cited for abuses too. Now John Fountain (Herman's son) runs the place and has changed the name again to Eagle Point Christian Academy.

Maybe it's time for Mel and Betty to have a little name change of their own. How 'bout something regal like William and Mary Sembler? Or perhaps something red hot and spicy like Anthony and Cleopatra Sembler or even Romeo and Juliet. Or even something out of this world--Mork and Mindy Sembler. No. No. It's going to have to be Jack and Jill. story

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If David Miscaviage can go to his deposition as Admiral Farragut, then Keith Henson can go as Bozo the Clown.


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