eye on Pinellas County: Florida Holocaust Museum's Awards Banquet protested for association with those tied to Straight

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Florida Holocaust Museum's Awards Banquet protested for association with those tied to Straight

(Story at 2/12/2005:2300 EST) This just in. Our newsroom just got a call at 2300. The protesters wound up at some party and called to say there is a man there who started talking about a program he had been in that sounded to them like Straight. One of the protesters asked him if it was Straight. No was the reply; it was Second Chance. Second Chance is a second-generation Straight with a Christian theme in Memphis, Tennessee started by Reverend Scotty Cassidy. It is believed that Rev. Cassidy was formerly director of Straight-Dallas. We have little data on his program and may have found a foot into unraveling yet another layer of theStraights' onion.

(Story consolidation of reports at 2/12/2005: 1845, 1911, 2000; 2/13/2005: 1000) The picket is over and the protesters are enjoying a cold beer in a nearby pub. The weather was beautiful. There were 7 or 8 protesters--one drove down from Virginia. One potential protester had a sprained back and could not show, another could not get off from work. They lined up along the sidewalk shown in the picture on the right. The photo on the left is from last year's event. The large sign was used once again. Cars had to drive along the sidewalk before turning into the parking lot. They were stacked up and had to stop right in front of the sign. Elderly people in their black ties put on their glasses to read the signs.

A woman said she had to drop off her child but would be back. She returned and said I want information to read. A old man walked up and said can't you forgive someone for something they did 30 years ago when now they're doing all this good--especially since they've apologized. A protester told him--they have never apologized. A man in his 20s walked up and started talking. He was hostile. The protesters explained to him why they were there. He left unconvinced, still hostile. Another man in his 20s came up. He seemed to understand why the protesters were there. Before the event started a teenage girl came out of the pavilion and talked to the survivors. She said she agreed with them. Three teenage boys walked over from the building. They talked to the protesters and left saying they agreed with the survivors. A protester told us he was moved by their understanding.

The protesters received several one finger salutes; a few cursed them. A car U-turned, came back, and asked for fliers. Police cruisers were placed at each end of the street. A man in a tan suit named Greg took license numbers. The protesters think he was a cop. He asked one of the protesters, "who is in charge," but was told no one. This seemed to upset him. Please stayed tuned for the latest updates from this breaking story.

WHY PROTEST. See the previous post on this blog for the reason why there was a protest.

Protest flier

Protest photos

Interact with the protesters on fornits.


  • Second Chance is a spin-off of Straight... Mr. Cassidy used to live in St. Petersburg and even had his children enrolled in Straight St. Pete... He moved to Memphis and opened Second Chance... I was put into Second Chance in 1989, when I was 13, I was NOT a drug addict... Most of the people who opened Second Chance (Mr. & Mrs. Cassidy,
    Mr. Bill Lewis, Joanna Cates, Ronnie Edwards, etc) came from St. Petersburg Straight...

    By Anonymous Christy, at 8:39 AM  

  • I was also in Second Chance from 92-93. I was overjoyed whe I found this website. All I could think of was "I KNEW IT!!!" I am so glad that I never bought in to this pile of brain wash thinking. The whole thing was a SCAM! I successfully graduated from Second Chance and am still clean but I never agreed with their teachings or philosphies. I was never "abused" but did have medication withheld (a prescription inhaler!) I lived in a house for 2+ months with a dog to which I was allergic to. I was denied my prescription inhaler because I was told that I was just wanting a drug to abuse. So I laid in misery, gasping for breathes for 2 months. Way to go you miserable pukes! Yeh, this program somewhat worked for me (it has kept me off of drugs) but I would never send my own child to anything like it.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:01 PM  

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